India Association of Indianapolis, 16 July 2017, via Facebook
IAI congratulates the team at Nrityapriya Fine arts for a wonderful presentation combining 4 Indian classical dance forms with Live Musicians ! A proud moment for all and especially for our Indian Community !!

What a great evening! To keep this vast audience totally engrossed in the 
performance showed the superb quality of the theme and the performance. 
We were journeying with Ramayan. Seetha brought tears in our eyes. We lived 
through the characters on that day. Synchronizing 4 types of dance is not easy 
but it has been done beautifully. You have proven that young talents can 
equal professionals. Kudos to you and you team. Thanks for the opportunity 
offered to my family. Food was excellent

Parvathy Hadley, 18 July 2017, by email
This was a very cleverly interwoven program. Sita & Rama were dancing Bharatanatyam & Kuchipudi, Mareecha the deer was dancing Kathak and Ravana & Hanuman were doing Yaksha Gana, all seamlessly blending. Westfield High School has a very nice auditorium (a bit far for us southsiders). Having live music, in a nice hall, makes it all the more enjoyable. To top it all, the school has a nice cafeteria where excellent food was served.

Melkote Ramaswamy, 21 July 2017, by email
We are all too familiar with the theme of epic Ramayana. Sri Rama Charitham - a dance drama staged by Nrityapriya, told the entire story in less than 2 hours. Jwala Rejimon as Sita and Rajendra Kedlaya as Ravana stood out with their superb performances, while Madhumita Rajendra played the part of Hanuman quite deftly. The other dancers did their part effectively. All in all, it was a flawless presentation, with the unique feature of combining various art forms of Indian dances - Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathak and the less well-known Yakshagana from Karnataka - call it national integration.
I was mesmerized by the accompanying live music with vocalists, violin, flute, mridangam and tabla with special effects at times as needed by the story such as when Ravana and Rama got into a fight before Ravana got killed.

Anindita Sen was elegant, polished and effective with narration and as an emcee.

Sridhara Ramanna, 23 July 2017, via Facebook
It was a visual treat witnessing various artists performing Ramacharitam a fusion of various dance forms Bharatanatyam, Yakshagana and Kathak. Their dance performance was enthralling accompanied by melodious singers captivating the audience who gathered in large numbers.

Madhu Gombar, via Facebook
Beautiful performance!

Bhooma Narayanan, via Facebook 
Excellent Performance by all the Artist! Congrats to Artists and Organizers !

Abhinav Singh, via Facebook 
Strength in Diversity

Manzil Kohli, via Facebook 
Beautifully performed and executed!!

Nagabhushana Rao, via Facebook 
Congratulations to the Team! Very impressive!!

Niteen Nevrekar, via Facebook 
Enjoyed the event. Dancers were excellent. The mridangam player was awesome. The singers were great. Really the entire dance and choreography was fantastic. Lolking foreard to next year.