Sri Rama Charitham

Nrityapriya Fine Arts
Sri Rama Charitham is a dance drama based on Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic that is traditionally attributed to the authorship of Sage Valmiki. The story revolves around Lord Rama's seemingly endless search for his beautiful and virtuous wife Sita, who was kidnapped by a terrible demon king. Events unfold when Rama's stepmother plots to deny Rama his rightfully inherited throne. As a result, Rama is exiled to the forest and leaves Ayodhya with Sita and his stepbrother Lakshmana. During their exiled days in the forest, Rama and Lakshmana encounter Surpanaka, a demoness who approaches them with intents of courtship. Angered by their rejection, Surpanaka tries to attack Sita, but gets injured by Lakshmana. Surpanaka then encourages her brother Ravana, the demon king, to abduct and wed Sita. Ravana, who is smitten after laying eyes on Sita, immediately abducts her and takes her to his palace in Sri Lanka. The heartbroken Rama desperately searches for his wife, aided by several creatures, including a monkey God named Hanuman who invents unique strategies to outwit Ravana and bring Sita home. Epic battles ensue, tricks are played, and ultimately good triumphs over evil. Rama and Sita return to Ayodhya, where he rightfully takes his place as king.

We will be presenting different episodes of Ramayana in this dance drama using various dance forms of India.

Bharathanatyam: Presumably the oldest classical dance form of India, it is originated from Tamil Nadu, and is guided by the ancient Sanskrit text of Natya Shastra. 

Kuchipudi: A dance-drama performance art, with its root also in the Natya Shastra, originated in a village of Krishna district of Andra Pradesh. 
Yakshagana: A traditional theatre form that combines dance, music, dialogue, costume, and makeup with a unique style. This art form is mainly found in Karnataka.

Smt. Aparna Satheesan, Kum. Jwala Rejimon, Sri. Rajendra Kedlaya, Smt. Savitha Venkatapathy

Kum. Karnika Mehrotra, Kum. Madhumita Rajendra 

Smt. Savitha Venkatapathy

Master of Ceremony
Dr. Anindita Sen

Live Orchestra musicians
Vocalists : Smt. Geetha Navanithan and Sri.Sai Rathinasabapathy
Mridangam : Sri.Ganesan Gajendran
Violin : Sri.Jayaprakash Pakala
Flute : Sri.Nataraj Gunda