Smt. Geetha Navanithan - Vocal  

Smt. Geetha had her formal training of Carnatic music initiated by her mother Rajalakshmi at a tender age of 5. Smt. Geetha’s outstanding ability to absorb & deliver vocal music combined with her golden voice earned her awards and fame during her school & college days. After marriage, Smt. Geetha migrated to Mumbai where she began serving the local music community. In 1972, Smt. Geetha moved to New Delhi for higher studies in the field of Carnatic music. In 1974, Delhi University of Music recognized her efforts and conferred her with the title "Sangeetha Siromani". Her enthusiasm and commitment to music attracted the attention of various senior faculty members like Sri. T.R. Subramaniam, Smt. Gomathi Viswanathan and Smt. Leela Omchery. This motivated her to pursue Graduate research in the field of Carnatic Music. She obtained her Graduation from Delhi University in 1976 with a Master's Degree in Music. Her enthusiasm to learn Hindustani light music was fulfilled by obtaining training from Sri.Surinder Soni (Delhi) and Sri. Srinivasa Rao (Chennai). 

Smt. Geetha has been performing on All India Radio (AIR) since 1976. Her outstanding ability in delivering vocal music has given several opportunities to perform vocal concerts in India and abroad. Her sweet voice & command on Carnatic music fascinated various leading Indian Dancers around the World. This brought in an Era where Geetha was invited to work with the leading dancers like Dhananjayan's, Raja & Radha Reddy, B.Bhanumathi, Radha, Kamala Narayanan, Menaka Thakkar etc. In addition to working with leading dancers, Geetha has sung in group audio CD by name “Divyagananjali” and also released a dance audio CD by name “Nrithyageetham”. 
Smt. Geetha is currently residing in the United States of America. Her vision for future is to share her divine gift of Carnatic and Hindustani light music with the upcoming talented students of this country. As a first step towards this goal, she has initiated music classes in Indianapolis & Columbus locations. Smt. Geetha currently serves as a Senior Adjunct Faculty at the Jayamangala School of Music and Dance, Maryland.

Sri. Amudhan Venkateswaran, Tabla

 Dr. Amudhan Venkateswaran, a Scientist by profession, is an avid music lover who started learning classical Tabla at the age of 10 from his Guru Shri Anil Rai in Pilani, Rajasthan in India. While he grew up in North India primarily training in Hindustani music, Amudhan is heavily influenced by his family background in Carnatic music, giving him this unique opportunity to indulge in both genre of Indian classical music. He moved to USA in 1999 to pursue higher education. Since then he has had the privilege to accompany visiting professional artists from India including Shri Sounak Chattopadhyay and renowned violinist Dr. M. Narmadha. Apart from playing in the Indian classical musical setting, Amudhan enthusiastically explores the role of Tabla in Western musical genre including Jazz, Country and Blues.  He has been an active member of various Jazz bands and the Carnatic fusion band Jugal Vandy.